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Council of Young Scientists and Specialists
Chairman of the Board,
candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences
May 18, 2009 in VNIGRI was reconstituted Council of Young Scientists and Specialists (Smoothie). The purpose of the Council is to bring together young scientists and specialists VNIGRI, the expression of their interests, assistance in improving the professional level and more fully exploit the scientific potential of young scientists.
Main results and achievements
  • Over 5 years Smoothie begun work on establishing business contacts with members of the Board VNIGRI their colleagues from St. Petersburg and other cities.
  • Meetings and exchange of experience with young scientists and specialists of FSUE "VNIGNI" (Moscow) and SUE "RK TP SIC" (Ukhta).
  • From May 2009. Representative Smoothie (Antipina EI) is a member of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists under the Government of St. Petersburg.
  • Every 2 years is organized by the All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists "Prospects of Petroleum Geology." The conference was attended by young geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, lithology, stratigraphy, economists and environmentalists from more than 15 organizations in Russia and the near abroad (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Murmansk, Ukhta, Kazan, Minsk).
  • A system of disseminating information to young scientists VNIGRI held in the country of scientific youth conferences on foundations providing grant support to young scientists, competitions and other scientific works.
  • Two young professionals - Antipina EI and Otmas An.A. successfully defended their dissertations.
  • Nafikov IF, Bolshakov NV, Martynov EA, Galiev ER, Solovyov YI, Metkin DM, Muraveva MK, DA Miroshnichenko, Krykova TN, Moskalyova YA trained in graduate VNIGRI in various specialties.
  • Young professionals VNIGRI actively participated in the Youth Forum Seliger 2009-2014.
  • organized mass cultural and sports activities for employees VNIGRI. Formed a football team that successfully takes part in the annual football tournament St. Petersburg among geological organizations.
  • Every year young specialists participate in field work, carrying out geological studies.