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Department of Stratigraphy petroleum provinces
Head of the Department Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
The stratigraphic and paleontological studies in VNIGRI developed extensively since the beginning of the institute, with the establishment of specialized classrooms for micropaleontology, paleobotany and macrofauna. In future studies, except microfossils were abolished, and the biostratigraphy and stratigraphy entered in the appropriate regional section.
In the postwar period stratigraphic-palaeontological investigations were concentrated in the laboratories micropaleontology, palynology and macrofauna.
In the 50s, they were united in the department of Stratigraphy and Paleontology.
At the moment Department consists of 26 employees, including: - two doctors, Mr. MN., - seven candidates, Mr. MN., - young professionals - 10 Experience 3 - 8 years, including in the field work.
Main research areas
  • Creation of modern paleontological-stratigraphic ensure regional and forecasting and oil and gas exploration on land and water areas of oil and gas provinces of Russia;
  • Comprehensive study and reference sections of wells with the integration of the various methods of stratigraphic research;
  • Paleontology, palynological, and paleomagnetic studies paleofloristicheskie;
  • The development of integrated biostratigraphic scales and stratigraphic schemes for sedimentary strata closed areas as oil and gas provinces on the mainland and on the waters;
  • Reconstruction of paleogeographic and tectonic environments of sedimentary basins Russian methods of paleomagnetism;
  • Magnetostratigraphic research to solve the problems of geological mapping.
  1. Providing complex stratigraphic studies to carry out studies on the core parametric and exploration wells.
  2. Scientific support drilling and providing the basis for regional stratigraphic and forecast-search exploration for oil and gas in closed areas and waters oil and gas provinces (including the Timan-Pechora and Okhotsk PNC).
The complex includes research:
  • fieldwork for the study of geological sections on the territories of the PNC (as in natural outcrops and well sections in the core storage, a full-types of work: lithological description of the cuts, sampling etc.)
  • biostratigraphic analysis of core samples and samples (macro- and mikrofaunisticheskie, palynological, paleofloristicheskie, paleoecological and biofatsialnye studies to determine the age of the host rocks and restore depositional environment);
  • Magnetostratigraphic study paleomagnetic and petromagnetic study of borehole cores;
  • Lithology, litho-facies research, drafting sections of wells with their subsequent correlation;
  • Clarification of the scope and stratigraphic age of deposits, which are associated with NGK studied, study their correlation;
  • Age binding reflective seismic horizons and refinement of their stratigraphic confinement, identification of stratigraphic intervals;
  • Local and Regional Forecast section structure;
  • Development of regional and local stratigraphic schemes for sedimentary oil and gas basins.
Основные результаты и достижения

Currently, the department staff perform work on the orders of Rosnedra and subsoil, which results in a stratification of the cuts; clarify the scope and stratigraphic age of deposits, which are associated with NGK; study their correlation; AGE binding reflective seismic horizons and refinement of their stratigraphic confinement; identification of stratigraphic intervals; creation of stratigraphic framework for the construction of sedimentological models to forecast the structure of the section within the NGK little-known land and water areas of the Timan-Pechora, Okhotsk and others. Russian oil and gas provinces, as well as abroad.

The department organizes and participates in the study of geological sections in the Timan-Pechora OGP, Eastern Siberia and the Far East (Sakhalin and Kamchatka).

In recent years there have been cuts pereizucheny Domanik-Tournasian NGK at the junction Kosyu-Rogue Basin and fold-thrust structures of the western slope of the Polar Urals. Detailed description of the complex received cuts otmelnogo Domanik-Tournasian NGK (river basins and the Great Lemva nadot) and deep depressions on the shelf (p. Kozhim, Kochmesskaya area). The study of the Paleogene deposits in the borehole and key sections on the territory and in the waters of West Kamchatka and developed paleontological study of Paleogene oil and gas complex of Western Kamchatka and Neogene NGK northeastern Sakhalin. In order to ensure an integrated stratigraphic work to create a network of reference state geological and geophysical profiles, parametric and ultradeep wells received stratigraphic justification border deposits in the productive strata of the Upper Proterozoic and Phanerozoic Russian oil and gas provinces.

The department carried out a study on the justification of biostratigraphic age clastic formations Kalonda and the Kalahari in the territory of the Republic of Angola to ensure operational forecasting and search operations "ALROSA" in the Republic of Angola complex biostratigraphic studies of ancient clastic reservoirs; as well as the work of the state defense order for palinoindikatsii quality of the environment.

The results of research over the past five years are set out in more than 60 publications, including monographs "Fuzulinoidy Moscow stage of the Caspian Depression" (AI Nikolaev, 2012); "Continental Jurassic Middle Caspian basin. Part 1. The reference sections, stratigraphy, flora ( Bryophyta, Lycopodiophyta, Equisetophyta, Polypodiophyta, Pteridospermae ) »(Kirichkova AI et al .. 2011) and" The stratigraphy of marine Paleocene and Lower Eocene of western Kamchatka (paleontological characteristics, PALEOGEOGRAPHY) "(Fregatova NA et al., 2013); in national magazines: "facial-stratigraphic model of Devonian-Carboniferous deposits Korotaihinskoy depression CCI" (Dmitrieva TV, Zhuravlev AV et al., 2011); "Trias Western Siberia: lithostratigraphic units reference sections" (Kirichkova AI, 2011); "The first data on the Cenozoic section of the Chukchi shelf of the Bering Sea" (Margulis LS, Dmitriev T. et al., 2011, "" Palynological studies in the practice of engineering and environmental studies "(Dziuba OF, OV Kotchubey . al., 2013), "A detailed biostratigraphy of oil and gas deposits of the Okhotsk-Kamchatka region (theoretical aspects and results)" (Dmitrieva TV, Fregatova NA et al., 2010), and others.

Division staff participated with reports in the 34th International Geological Congress in Brisbane (Australia) in 2012; stratigraphic meetings and the annual sessions of the All-Russian Paleontological Society; All-Russian conference "General stratigraphic scale Russia: status and problems of resettlement" in Moscow in 2013, in the XIII Russian Palynological Conference "Problems of modern palynology", 2011, in the VI All-Russian lithological conference, Kazan, 2011; at the XV Congress of the Geological Komi Republic, Syktyvkar, 2009, at conferences of young professionals and many others.

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