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Department forecast oil and gas bearing areas and waters of the north of European Russia
Alexander Avgustovich
Head of Department,
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
A structural unit for research Timan-Pechora province with its maritime continuation and Mezenskaya syncline, was organized in 1953 (Northern Expedition, led by Professor VJ Avrova). In 1958 it was transformed in the Timan-Khoi expedition (head Dede VA). Since 1962, the Timan-Pechora sector (then Division) led KF Rakhmanov (1962-1977), LG Karetnikau (1977-1980 and 1985-1990), VN Makarevich (1980-1985, 1990-1998, from 2007. To 2010), OM Prischepa (1998-2007) and AA Otmas (from 2010. To the present). The results of research carried out under the supervision and with the participation of members of the Department are relevant and in demand today.
The structure of the department:
  • Laboratory monitoring of exploration and licensing;
  • Group of scientific forecasting oil and gas potential and quantitative methods for assessing resources;
  • Group of geological information and provide scientific forecast petrogas;
  • Group training projects and programs of exploration work;
  • Group regional modeling of geological objects northwestern regions.
Main research areas:
  1. Analysis and synthesis by geological and geophysical exploration of mineral resources on the territory of the Timan-Pechora province and sea continue, BUT Baltic (Kaliningrad region of Russia);
  2. Monitoring the status and structure of the hydrocarbon resource base (reserves, forecast and prospective resources);
  3. monitoring of subsoil;
  4. Programming geological exploration, development of technical and economic indicators;
  5. map1.jpg
    Oil and gas regions of the Northwestern Federal District
    monitoring exploration
  6. Scientific justification for setting priorities for exploration of hydrocarbon raw materials on;
  7. Evaluating the effectiveness of exploration and development of licensing programs for the efficient and rational use of subsoil;
  8. Quantitative geological and economic evaluation of oil and gas potential of the region, subsoil, individual objects;
  9. Development of theoretical, methodological and practical issues of technology selection and evaluation of oil and gas accumulation zones in order to optimize the complex exploration of the HC feed.
Perduralsky foredeep. geological cross-section
Fragment of a map of directions of regional geological exploration to 2015
  1. Analysis of the effectiveness of exploration, evaluation and justification of the petroleum potential of the priority areas of work;
  2. Resource assessment hydrocarbons within the local structures of license areas, promising directions;
  3. Preparation of geological and geophysical mapping and information areas and areas of work;
  4. Creating projects and programs PGR;
  5. Geological and geophysical mapping and database project ArcGis – the basis for operational analysis to improve the efficiency of decision-making;
  6. Creating a structural-geological models of varying degrees of detail (regional, zonal, local) in the PC RMS Roxar and resource assessment (calculation of reserves) based on them; Basin models in PC TemisFlow, paleogeographic construction and evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential; analysis and evaluation of the uncertainties on the basis of the constructed models.
Geological and geophysical mapping and database project ArcGis
Regional structural-geological model
Main results and achievements:
  • Quantifies the hydrocarbon resources in the Northwestern Federal District (Timan-Pechora OGP, Baltic BUT);
  • Identified unrated (missed) deposits on the drilled areas and promising targets unopened drilling horizons in areas of unallocated subsoil fund of the Timan-Pechora province in order to involve them in the development of;
  • The prospects for the development of little-known areas of the Timan-Pechora province;
  • Monitoring the state of knowledge, licensing, local fund facilities, resources and reserves;
  • Developed licensing programs on the subjects of the North-West Federal District;
  • The zones of oil and gas and the estimation of hydrocarbon resources;
  • A program for stock enhancement and development of hydrocarbon resources of the Northwest region for the period up to 2020;
  • Obtained geological and geophysical model of the junction zone between the northern territory of the Timan-Pechora OGP and the offshore continuation (Pechora Sea);
  • Modern research department allow to clarify the scientific basis for the study and use of oil and gas potential of the region, to implement a strategy of reproduction of oil and gas reserves on the basis of the implementation of licensing subsoil programs. Development department became the basis of scientific planning of exploration for oil and gas in the North-West region of Russia. Research carried out to identify patterns of placement and assessment criteria of petroleum prospects of the CCI and Mezenskaya syncline, as well as the Baltic BUT;
  • Among the completed projects and exploration program, proven highly effective development, we can note the creation of new models of the geological structure and refinement of oil and gas prospects in Korotaihinskoy Izhma and Pechora basins, study the transit area of the Pechora Sea in the area of the Pechora Bay, exploring shale hydrocarbon sources in the Kaliningrad region, and many others.
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