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Department forecast oil and gas bearing areas and waters of Eastern Russia
Маргулис Лазарь Соломонович.JPG
Lazarus Solomonovich
Head of Department,
Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
The Division continues to develop geologists VNIGRI in the Far East, Sakhalin and Kamchatka (hands. BF Clerks, IB Pleshakov, MF Dvali, N. Markin, YN Grigorenko, YS Voronkov ), Eastern Siberia (hands. YA Prytula, KK Makarov, VV Samsonov, VV Zabaluev, VB Archegov) and offshore activities of the Institute, organized in 1972 (with 1975 to 2003 - Head. Dep. Grigorenko YN).
Main research areas:
  • Development of the theory and methodology of allocating zones of oil on land and water areas;
  • Generalization geological and geophysical data and updating petroleum-zoning land and water areas;
  • Sedimentation analysis and forecast of oil and gas reservoirs in clastic and carbonate complexes;
  • petrophysical and seismic and geological modeling, highlighting priority projects oil and gas exploration;
  • Justification of promising areas and exploration of subsoil areas;
  • Map petroleum potential
    Seismic sections of petroleum and North Sakhalin NGOs
  • Scientific and methodological support exploration for oil and gas;
  • Monitoring results exploration, state resource base of HC and subsoil of the Far East;
  • Quantitative assessment of hydrocarbon resources land and water areas of the Far Eastern region;
  • Forecast of development of hydrocarbon resource base and potential mining areas East of Russia, Sakhalin and Kamchatka shelf.
  • Evaluation of hydrocarbon resources exploration and programming for multiscale objects - regions of sedimentary basins, areas, licensed areas;
  • Phase-genetic analysis and forecast of separate accumulations;
  • Reinterpretation and linking data of seismic and geological studies in the territories and adjacent waters;
  • Preparation of group and special projects for exploration and appraisal wells;
  • lithofacies study forecast zoning collectors and targeting neftegazopoiskov;
  • Construction of structural and sedimentation reservoir modeling and estimation of reserves of deposits;
  • Complex petrophysical modeling productive horizons (GIS, petrography, geochemistry);
  • Scientific and methodological support of geophysical and drilling operations, examination results of oil and gas exploration and new projects.
Main results and achievements:
  • A series of maps (tectonic, geochemical, lithofacies, petroleum-zoning and forecast oil and gas bearing) of the Republic of Yakutia (Sakha), land and water areas of the Far East;
  • quantifies the hydrocarbon resources of the Far Eastern region as of 01.01.2009.;
  • update the geological model to estimate the petroleum potential of the southern part of Vilyuiskaya syncline, the western part of the Nepa-Botuoba and East Aldan areas of the northern Siberian Platform framing, Voyampolsky deflection; Kamchatka, the waters of the Pechora Bay, Bering Sea shelf and northern Sakhalin;
  • Built paleogeographic maps for prospective complexes Western Arctic waters;
  • Built petrophysical and geoacoustic model based on the results of drilling 400 wells, reservoir sedimentation field models, squares and license areas in Eastern Siberia;
  • Prepared recommendations, according to which the increased number of deposits and reserves discovered 10 hydrocarbon fields in Eastern Siberia;
  • developed and implemented GIS technology forecasting productive horizons in relation to the difficult conditions of the Siberian platform;
  • Produced by monitoring the results of exploration and evaluation of their effectiveness;
  • are done on-line calculation and revaluation reserves fields of the unallocated subsoil fund, fund audit prepared for drilling facilities;
  • An analysis of the state of the main problems with the definition of replacement of reserves in the SW area of the Far Eastern Federal District and adjacent waters.;

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