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Department of geochemical studies and modeling oil and gas basins
Geochemical studies carried out in the department, associated with the names of prominent scientists - VA Assumption, OA Radchenok, MF Dvali, NB Vassoevich, AF Dobriansky, AI Bogomolov, SG Neruchev, GM Parparovoy, TK Bazhenova, EA Rogozin and others.
On the basis of numerous geochemical studies carried out in the department, created balance model generation, emigration and accumulation of hydrocarbons that pozvodyayut assess the extent and time of oil and gas, and identify pockets of hydrocarbon accumulation zone, to quantify the resource potential of the territory.
In addition to the proven traditional methods, mastered modern computer technology basin modeling.
  • Laboratory geochemical methods of forecasting oil and gas content
  • Group geochemical modeling of oil and gas properties
Main research areas:
  • Evaluation of the petroleum potential of onshore and offshore Russia developed on the basis of the traditional balance models of generation, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons and the use of modern computer technology basin modeling
  • Quantitative assessment of hydrocarbon resources within the geological objects of different levels - regional, zonal and local.
Allocation scheme Sorgue Domanik deposits TNB
Sample natural bitumen deposits Izhma
Main results and achievements:
  • Geochemical studies to assess the petroleum potential deflections northeast of the East European Platform
  • construct geological and geochemical models of the Riphean and Vendian oil and gas complexes of unallocated subsoil fund River basin. Stony Tunguska in order to separate oil and gas potential of the forecast
  • Map scale hydrocarbon generation, Eastern Siberia
    Model transformation of organic matter, Kaliningrad region
  • Researches Devonian, Vendian and Riphean deposits Vychegda trough and the southern part of the Timan-Pechora basin led to a number of unique results
  • Compiled atlas of geochemical maps for all neftegazomaterinskim horizons (NGMG) Venda and - for the first time - Riphean for Baikit anteclise Katanga saddle and adjacent areas Angarsk area folds and the southern edge of the Tunguska (Kureiskaya) syncline, to assess the scale of emigration HC
  • For the first time to the southwest of the Siberian platform was mapped zoning phase of hydrocarbon deposits with the release of the three types of zones: 1 - zone deposits with the oil phase; 2 - zone gas condensate fields; 3 - zone dry gas fields
  • For the first time in the region has been studied in detail the individual molecular hydrocarbon composition synbitumoids Riphean, Vendian and Cambrian and secondary bitumens from oil shows that was the basis for the correlation of hydrocarbon oils and sinditumoidov
  • As a result of geochemical studies to assess the petroleum potential deflections northeast of the East European Platform: split valuation performed generation and emigration HC on deflections of the Timan-Pechora province; isolated pockets of oil and gas basins in all TNB, the most productive - in Kosyu-Rogowska and Verhnepechorskoy hollows
  • Department staff are actively involved in scientific and practical conferences. During the period 2010-2014,. published more than 30 articles. TK Bazhenov is one of the main authors of the monograph "Oil source formation of oil and gas Precambrian and Lower-Middle Cambrian of the Siberian platform" (M .: ed. VNIGNI, 2014). VK Szymanski - co-author of the Geological dictionary in 3 volumes (SPb .: ed. VSEGEI 2013 г.)
  • Employees of the department are co-authors of a patent for the invention "Method for remote search for new oil and gas fields." (Patentee of "State Optical Institute. Vavilov" 2013 г.).
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