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Department forecast oil and gas potential of the central and southern regions of Russia
Alexander M.
head of department, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
Using the Department developed the concepts and techniques allows new products to assess oil and gas potential slaboizuchennyh pools with uncertain prospects of opening of hydrocarbon accumulations; develop the theory and practice of examining the marginal parts of the developed deposits for pools with extensive development of wedging reservoirs; Increments hydrocarbon resources due to forecast oil and gas accumulations in non-anticlinal traps; predict the oil and gas potential of edge systems of ancient platforms.
  • Group forecast petrogas;
  • Group modeling of geological objects and quantitative methods for assessing the central and southern regions.
Main research areas:
  • forecast oil and gas bearing areas and regions;
  • Forecast of development of non-anticlinal traps HC;
  • palaeo reconstruction;
  • Basin analysis;
  • Detailed analysis of the conditions for the formation of carbonate reservoirs;
  • defining the contours of industrial clusters of shale oil and gas;
  • forecast oil and gas potential in nizkoporovyh, tight.
Map of petroleum zoning Vendian promising formation of the Moscow syncline.
Palaeo card predtalahskoy surface disagreement southwest Yakutia (fragment)
  • An analysis of the effectiveness of exploration and evaluation of the petroleum potential of sedimentary basins and their elements, the study of the laws of oil and gas bearing areas and regions and justification of the priority areas of work, the forecast missed deposits, estimate hydrocarbon resources;
  • Development of methods and forecast the spread of non-anticlinal oil and gas traps for young and ancient platforms, online mapping zones of concentration of non-anticlinal traps hydrocarbons in sediments avalanche sedimentation;
  • Reconstruction of geological models of areas and regions, palaeo analysis of oil and gas basins;
  • Detailed analysis of the conditions for the formation of carbonate reservoirs, the development of structural and sedimentation-genetic models, mapping the values of search features and prognosis of oil and gas bearing zones;
  • Basin analysis, including a study of the processes of sedimentation, faulting, immersion precipitation kinetics of kerogen maturation and multiphase fluid flow;
  • defining the contours of industrial clusters shale oil or gas (shale gas), a forecast of the centers of hydrocarbon generation ("sweet spots");
  • forecast oil and gas potential in nizkoporovyh, tight (terrigenous and carbonate composition) (tight gas).
Basin analysis. Catagenesis OB Domanik formation at the end of the Triassic
Forecast map diagram zones accommodation lithologic reservoirs in the Tyumen region clinoforms Neocomian (fragmet)
Main results and achievements:
  • developed the concept of evaluation of petroleum potential of basal deposits of ancient platforms;
  • We study the boundary of the depleted fields;
  • A method for forecasting the development of non-anticlinal hydrocarbon traps in various slabodostupnyh seismic analysis complexes promising deposits of ancient and young platforms;
  • The estimation of hydrocarbon reserves in shale formations developed in Russia;
  • According to the results of work in 2010 published the book "clinoforms Neocomian" and "Atlas maps lithologic reservoirs in clinoforms Neocomian", stating the method of forecasting the development of the Achimov reservoirs in the Neocomian deposits clinoform Western Siberia for poorly studied areas and waters;
  • In 2011, published an article entitled "Assessing the potential of shale hydrocarbons Russia", which were first shown the development in Russia shale formations that could contain HC and evaluated shale resources of hydrocarbons.
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