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Group preservation and replenishment of lithological and paleontological collections
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Vera V.
team Leader
Paleontological and lithological collection fund VNIGRI (hereinafter - the Fund) was created in 1947, when he received an independent status in the structure of the institute as a "Museum of petroleum geology and paleontology VNIGRI." It was headed by Olympic Ivanovna Schmidt, a renowned expert on Meso-Cenozoic sea urchins. It laid the foundations for the "Museum" with all the rules of museum collections storage and documentation, as well as all cataloged collections existed in the Institute at the time. When the "Museum" was assembled Scientific Council directs its work in accordance with the work plan of the Institute. Registration and storage of the collections made on the instructions TsNIGRI Museum. FN Chernyshev. Much time and energy conservation and expansion of the Museum subsequently gave such outstanding scientists of the Institute, as an academician BS Sokolov, Professor DL Stepanov, NA Kudryavtsev, NB Vassoevich, NN Subbotin, MS Mesezhnikov et al.
  • Provision of collection material for study, photo and video specialist third parties
  • Provide storage of treated and untreated primary geological materials (collections of samples)
  • Formation and thematic presentation of geological collections from the fund of raw materials
  • Providing samples for analyzes
  • Consultation and provide directories to the existing collections.
Main results and achievements:
  • The Fund contains numerous unique geological and paleontological material, the total number of more than 2,000 collections presented more than 50,000 specimens, preparations and thin sections
  • The bulk of the Fund's paleontological collections (macro- and microfauna and crop residues) of the well sections, including support and natural outcrops of the various oil and gas regions. Here are stored collections of famous paleontologists: BS Sokolova, DL Stepanov, VN Ryabinin, MS Mesezhnikova, AA Savelyev, AI Kirichkova etc.
  • The composition of the collection fund:
    • The Baltic NGOs - 54 calls.
    • The Moscow PNO - 43 call.
    • The Timan-Pechora OGP - 65 call
    • Volga-Ural PNC - 127 call.
    • Caspian PNC - 146 call.
    • North-Caucasus-Mangyshlak PNC - 110 call.
    • Dnieper-Donets-Pripyat GNP - 48 call.
    • The West Siberian NGP - 56 call.
    • oil and gas provinces in Eastern Siberia - 88 call.
    • oil and gas province of the Far East - 72 call.
  • The Fund periodically publishes directories that contain information about its collections (1974, 1979, 1981, 1987, 1994, 1997.). The first information about the 67 paleontological collections have been published in the "Catalogue of monographic paleontological collections Paleozoic stored in the institutions of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR", published in conjunction with TsNIGRI Museum in 1974.
  • Since 2004, the Bulletin is published paleontological and lithological collection fund VNIGRI.
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