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Independent labs and groups that provide support for exploration work
Group petrographic studies
team Leader
Laboratory studies lithofacies and reservoir
Anna Nikolaevna
Head of the Laboratory

Main research areas:
  • Macroscopic study and description of core sampling for different types of instrumental studies
  • Petrographic analysis of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks in thin sections
  • lithological zones improved forecast of reservoir rocks in the sections of sedimentary complexes within the study area and areas
  • Genetic analysis of sediments to determine the processes of formation of precipitation;
  • Paleofatsialnye reconstruction
  • Sedimentation analysis to correlate sediment lithofacies zones
  • The interpretation of the geological structure of sedimentary complexes on lithological characteristics for mapping rocks tanks productive layers on a local object
petrographic analysis
Macroscopic examination of the core
Services offered:
  • A detailed description of the layer-drill cores
  • Preparation of detailed lithological and mineralogical well sections, sections for fracture reservoir properties
  • The study of structural and textural features of rock
  • Study of the void space for full colored thin sections ("image-analysis»)
  • granulometric analysis in thin sections
  • According to the method of large-sections VNIGRI fracture assessment of complex reservoirs and to assess their potential of the collection
  • Drawing
  • distribution maps of reservoir rocks on a range of methods
  • Isolation lithogenetic rock types
  • Genetic analysis to determine facies
  • Distribution Map of lithological parameters in sedimentary basins on a range of methods
  • Creating a database on research conducted by lithology, samples Register
  • Drawing lithological and petrographic findings
  • Create lithologic and geophysical standards lithotypes rocks.
Sample lithological column
Structure map Talahskogo horizon
Main results and achievements:
  • In recent years, the group focused on the study section lithology on a large number of wells in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Volga-Ural, Kaliningrad and the Timan-Pechora OGP
  • According to the results of research and production of works published the following monographs:
    • LP. NPM, LG Belonovskaya, ETC. Shibin, NS Oknov, AV Ivanovo. Toolkit for lithological and petrographic and petrochemical study of sedimentary reservoir rocks. St. Petersburg, VNIGRI, 2009, 160.
    • LG. Belonovskaya, ETC. Shibin, LP NPM, NS Oknov, AV Ivanovo, TB Volchenkova, AN Kokhanova reservoir properties of reservoir rocks Russia, St. Petersburg, VNIGRI 2014 г.
    • AV. Ivanovo AV Methodological guidance on the application of geochemical parameters in sedimentation. St. Petersburg, FSUE VNIGRI, 2014, 86.

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