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Computer Intelligence Unit (center)
Яковлевна Людмила Анатольевна
Acting Head of Department
The adoption of VNIGRI mathematical methods and computer technology in petroleum geology was supposed to work for the first vice-president of the International Association of Mathematical Geologists AB Visteliusa.
The further development of this direction were obtained by Corresponding Member of RAS, MD Belonin and Dr. H.-n Y. Podolsky, which laid the foundations of mathematical modeling of geological and exploration process. In 1972, The Institute was established computer center that provided the impetus for the introduction of information technology in a wide range of tasks forecast oil and gas potential.
Today experts Computer-Analytical Center (Department) continue to work on the development of methodological foundations of geoinformatics, development of information and analytical support and technological support ongoing research.
  • Information Support projects and electronic cartography
  • Group of geoinformation technologies and the formation of data banks
  • Technical Support Team
  • Group software.
Main research areas:
  • Carrying out research work in the field of computer modeling of geological processes and objects
  • digital cartographic modeling and mapping databases on petroleum geology
  • Development and maintenance of information systems for oil and gas geology
  • Formation and development of a common information space of the Institute, the creation of a corporate information system
  • The introduction of new information technologies and software systems in the research process
  • Informatization Institute, development and support of computer infrastructure.
  • Development and maintenance of applied information systems (IS), using databases, GIS
  • Creation of digital models of thematic maps, including the use of GIS technology based on published maps, unpublished copyright maps
  • GIS projects work areas
  • Preparing digital atlas of fuel and energy resources for different areas
  • Preparation based on digital models of thematic map compositions, plans, graphical applications to be printed on a plotter and reproduction
  • Translated into digital text and graphic geological and geophysical data
  • Development of electronic databases of spatial data on geological and geophysical knowledge, fields, local structures and licensing in UCS
  • Preparation of information and reference materials on geological and geophysical study of the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Development and preparation of presentation materials. Scanning, photocopying, printing and laminating graphics, including the use of large-format office equipment
  • Software and technical support office computer technology.
Main results and achievements:
  • developed a full-featured geographic information system for oil and gas potential and geological and economic evaluation of land and water areas Northwestern Federal District, Far East, East Siberia and Russia as a whole
  • Prepared basic cartographic basis for regional digital models of thematic maps
  • to create a modern spatial information base on geological and geophysical exploration, fields, local structures and licensing for hydrocarbons in supervised VNIGRI land and water areas (registered in Rospatent)
  • Developed by mapping Web-based application, submitted to the two regions - the Baltic but within the framework of Russia (Kaliningrad region) and Timan-Pechora OGP (Nenets, Komi Republic)
  • A series of digital atlases for fuel and energy resources and possible ways of their development for all regions, as part of the North-West, the Caspian Sea, East Siberian, Far Eastern regions and the adjacent shelf seas, published "Atlas maps lithological Neocomian reservoirs in clinoforms »
  • The department participated in the Geological Congress (2012., Moscow), in the Energy Forum (2010-2013.) in exhibitions Offshore (2011, 2013)., minerals and other thematic exhibitions that awarded honorary diplomas and medals.
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