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Admission to the graduate school
Federal State Unitary Enterprise "RUSSIAN OIL RESEARCH INSTITUTE GEOLOGORAZVEDOCHGY" (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Federation of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use) announces admission to graduate school in 2015 in the field:
By the development of training programs for scientific and pedagogical staff postgraduate allowed persons with lower education is not higher education (specialty or master) law "On Education in the Russian Federation» № 273-FZ of 29.12.2012 of Art. 69 p. 4. This is confirmed by a higher education diploma.
In the post-graduate Institute of the persons who graduates in relevant specialties, with professional experience of at least two years, or as recommended by the department and the successful entrance exams.
In graduate school before September 15 of this year, serves a full set of documents, which includes:
  • Application for admission to graduate school to the Director General of the Institute
  • Copies of state diploma of higher professional education and its annexes (for those who have been trained abroad, a copy of the diploma and a certificate of equivalence of international documents on Education Diploma of Higher Education of the Russian Federation issued Office of international Education and Cooperation of the Federal agency for Education
  • The questionnaire or personal form for accounting personnel, certified in the workplace
  • Autobiography
  • List of published scientific works, inventions and reports on research work, if available, or with added review essay on his prospective supervisor
  • Identification of candidate examinations (if the applicant has handed over candidate examinations)
  • Photocopy of the passport (the second, third and fifth pages)
  • 2nd photo (3x4).
Documents supplied to the graduate of the Institute is in person.
Entrance exams are in October. Go to graduate school pass competitive exams in the following sequence: specialty, philosophy (the program entrance exam), a foreign language.
Examination ticket on foreign language includes the following topics:
  • Reading and translation of the original text with a dictionary (2000 char.), Specializing in foreign language into Russian for 1 hour
  • Reading the text without a dictionary (1000 char.) On a wide profile and the presentation of the content of the text in a foreign language
  • Conversation in a foreign language on general topics.
Retake entrance examination is not allowed. Completed exams are valid for the calendar year. Persons who have passed the exams partially or fully candidate minimum, for admission to graduate school are exempt from the relevant entrance exams.
Results of final Master's examinations in philosophy and foreign language are counted as entrance exams to graduate school, if individual curriculum Master Degree examinations were provided in these subjects.
Enrollment in graduate school is made by order of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "VNIGRI" enrollment date - November 1st.
Persons entering graduate school on a contractual basis, accepted without examination. Data preparation is carried out by graduate students direct contracts with tuition paid by natural or legal persons.

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