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Postgraduate school
Блинкова Елена Юрьевна.JPG
Elena Yur'evna
Head of postgraduate School,
candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences
Postgraduate school of VNIGRI was established by the order of the Technical Council of Narkomnefteprom No. 3 dated 1st September, 1940 and then was approved by Order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR No. 390 dated 28th November, 1962.
From 12 to 20 postgraduate students had been studied in postgraduate school every year.
Today, the postgraduate school of VNIGRI operates according to the current license 90L01 No. 0000769 Reg. Number 0718 from 6th March 2013, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science in perpetuity.
The following six specialties are available:
  • 25.00.02 - Paleontology and Stratigraphy
  • 25.00.06 - Lithology
  • 25.00.09 - Geochemistry, Geochemical Methods of Searches of Minerals
  • 25.00.12 - Geology, Prospecting and Exploration of Oil and Gas Fields
  • 25.00.36 - Geoecology (Geological-Mineralogical Sciences)
  • 08.00.05 - Economics and Management of National Economy (in industries and activities, including: economics, organization and management of enterprises, sectors, complexes, environmental economics).
Objectives of postgraduate studies:
  • In-depth study of methods of scientific research and theoretical basement in the field of Geological and Mineralogical and Economic Sciences
  • Development of skills of independent research activities
  • Study the methodology of scientific research on the basis of the history and philosophy of science focused on professional practice
  • Improving the knowledge of a foreign language in the professional sphere of activity
  • Compilation of research in the form of complete scientific work (dissertation).
Terms of matriculation