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The Editorial Board

In order to ensure the quality of the published literature and help guide VNIGRI in the management, development and improvement of publishing activities at the institute created and successfully works Editorial Board.

The composition of the editorial board was formed from among the most distinguished scientists VNIGRI.
Currently a member of the editorial board included:

  • Prischepa OM, CEO, d. H.-M. n. - Chairman
  • Grigorenko Yu, deputy. Director General for Science, d. H.-M. n. - Deputy. Chairman
  • Kirichkova AI, Ch. NS, d. H.-M. n., Professor - a member of the editorial board
  • Makarevich VN, Head. Dep., d. H.-M. n., Professor - a member of the editorial board
  • Nazarov VI, Head. Dep. d. e. n., Professor - a member of the editorial board
  • VS Sobolev - Lead. NS, to. GM-n. - Member of the Editorial Board
  • Yakutseni VP chapters. NS, d. H.-M. n., Professor - a member of the editorial board
  • Zharkov SI hands. c. - Secretary of the Editorial Board.

The editorial board at meetings:

  • The basic directions of priority action for the future and claims of scientific subjects, as well as other types of publications based on the main areas of research and other activities of the Institute
  • Participates in the formation of long-term and annual plans, thematic publications, submit them for consideration by the Scientific Council of the Institute and approved in the prescribed manner
  • decide on the appointment of reviewers and recommendations to the publication of works by assigning a vulture Institute "Recommended for publication by the Editorial Board VNIGRI»
  • to discuss the results of publishing activities of the Institute and makes recommendations on the organization, development and improvement of this activity
  • Meetings of the Editorial Board shall be convened by its Chairman as necessary, but at least twice a year.