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In order to promote cooperation, providing scientific and technical support and to acquire new knowledge of FSUE "VNIGRI" invites Oil and Gas Professionals...
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The Institute conducts research in the following areas:
  • Complex regional exploration work in order to create models of regional petroleum-little-studied areas
  • Development and improvement of methods to quantify the resource and geological and economic evaluation of different scales of oil and gas facilities, methods for assessing the effectiveness of geological exploration, localized resources and assess the potential zones of oil
  • Non-traditional sources of hydrocarbons, unclaimed as well as reserves as a reserve resource base of hydrocarbons
  • Work on the modeling of oil and gas systems (including the creation of geological and geological-geophysical models) and the development of methods of geochemical forecast oil and gas potential;
  • Maintenance of parametric and exploration drilling (stratigraphic, lithologic, downhole geophysical, petrophysical)
  • Scientific support of exploration work: monitoring, analysis and generalization of the materials in order to develop recommendations for further effective implementation of exploration for oil and gas
  • Innovative development of new methods and techniques of search and study of hydrocarbon accumulations, approaches to the assessment of hydrocarbon accumulations in low permeability reservoirs (shale).