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In order to promote cooperation, providing scientific and technical support and to acquire new knowledge of FSUE "VNIGRI" invites Oil and Gas Professionals...
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consulting services
VNIGRI is an organization with a high level of competence, which provides the subsoil users with information and knowledge through conducting research and consulting services on the basis of accumulated information resources and analytical tools.
Acquiring a reputation based on high quality and trust, and having a great experience and knowledge in exploration, VNIGRI provides oil and gas companies with independent and objective comprehensive analysis of actual issues that supports your business for successful development and enables you to make the right business decisions.
VNIGRI offers assistance in solving specific problems in the field of oil and gas prospecting and exploration in the following areas:
  • Audit and independent evaluation of hydrocarbon resources, including:
    • Categorization of reserves on the basis of modern domestic and foreign classifications
    • Assessment of resource using different methods
    • Creation of geological model of a field (correlation of sediments, stratigraphic correlation of productive layers, selection of objects of reserves calculation), and others.
  • Support for the purchase / sale of oil and gas assets, including:
    • Preparation of expert report
    • Investigation of the reliability of the information provided
    • Determination of fair market value
    • Evaluation of reserves and resources, and others.
  • Evaluation of exploration and development, including:
    • Evaluation of the quality of information available and determination of missing data for the calculation of resources (reserves) of licensed areas
    • Making recommendations on the best ways to achieve the required degree of exploration of subsoil
    • Analysis of the development degree, comparison of design and actual performance, assessment of differences between the previous project and the fact
    • Evaluation of the adaptation of the main indicators for the previous period of development, and others.
  • Forecast, evaluation of petroleum potential of land and water areas and development of programs of geological exploration, prospecting and exploration of subsoil areas, including:
    • Identification of priority areas for regional research, prospecting and exploration
    • Development of programs of geological study, exploration and renewing of hydrocarbon reserves of different-scaled objects
    • Quantitative, geological and economic evaluation of inferred and localized oil and gas resources of different scales (from the basin-province to a local object)
    • Drawing of geological and economic maps of oil and gas regions and areas and others.
  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness and formation of business plans for potential investors. Assessment of financial and technical risks, including:
    • The forecast of the needs of the economy and social sphere in hydrocarbons
    • Analysis of the structure of hydrocarbon resource base
    • Develop a system of measures to ensure the renewing of the of oil and gas resource base and meet the needs of the fuel and energy complex
    • Economic support for investment projects of oil and gas fields’ development in various stages of study, taking into account the need in special equipment and the volume of traffic in the medium and long term
    • Geological and economic evaluation of preparation of hydrocarbon reserves in new promising areas that are in the initial stages of study; and the substantiation of the selection of priority areas for investment of research and advanced development
    • Formation of logistic schemes of reserves use in case of emergencies and price spikes and others.
  • Geological consulting, including:
    • Development of oil and gas generation, migration and accumulation models, the state and behavior of hydrocarbon systems, separate forecast of oil and gas potential at regional, zonal and local levels
    • Performing laboratory research (petrophysical description of thin sections, grain composition analysis for determination of facial confinement of sediments, mineralogical analysis and determination of physical properties of rocks, physical and chemical analyzes of oils, microbiological analyzes)
    • Drawing of regional and zonal maps of oil and gas accumulation on the basis of integration of the results of lithological, petrographic, facial, paleostructural analyzes with the well logging data and core material using seismic facial analysis
    • Comprehensive study of well sections (well logging, core, cuttings, results of wells testing), and others.
  • Information consulting, including:
    • Creation of structured database of initial geological and geophysical, commercial, technical and economic data on the oil fields and oil and gas accumulations
    • Drawing of geological and economic maps using ArcGis technologies with attribute characteristic of subsoil, on the basis of geological and economic evaluation and ranking of unlicensed subsoil areas by the degree of investment attractiveness
    • Development of the rough norms of capital and operating costs for prospecting, exploration and development of oil, gas and condensate
    • Digital cartographic modeling and creation of mapping databases on petroleum geology and others.
  • Environmental consulting, including:
    • Assessing of the environmental status of liquidated and abandoned wells
    • Assessment of the main risks of natural and technical systems that arise during development of hydrocarbon fields using a systematic approach developed in VNIGRI
    • Development and implementation of geographic information system (GIS) "Environmental monitoring and control" to control the environmental activities in the territory of operation
    • Assessment of the current state of the environment before the start of work (for new objects)
    • Evaluation of the ecological state of the environment during developing fields of industrial and mineral waters and other.