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Innovative technologies and methods
When carrying out work and research at the Institute uses advanced design and technology for the identification, evaluation, extraction of hydrocarbons, support exploration, geological and geophysical modeling, etc.
Particular attention is paid by VNIGRI to development and improvement of quantitative methods and evaluation of hydrocarbon potential.
Modification of interval-probability estimates used for the analysis of initial total resources of hydrocarbons (HC NDS) not only large areas, but also for the stock assessment of local structures and deposits.
The problem of learning and a comprehensive assessment of all kinds of unconventional hydrocarbon resources has been put in VNIGRI back in the 90s of the last century. Currently, these studies have reached a new level of hands-on, due to the huge interest in low-permeability reservoirs shale (clay) thick.
Undoubted practical importance to develop recommendations for updating the cost of exploration for oil and gas, ensuring reduction of costs in different years on exploratory drilling and geophysical work in a comparable form.
In general, the research team of the Institute sufficiently armed with modern and innovative techniques and databases to quantify the different ranks of petroleum facilities in Russia and neighboring waters, as well as geological and economic evaluation of oil and gas resources.

Innovative technologies and methods