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"To develop a model of oil and gas and the formation of oil and gas for use in the prediction and evaluation of hydrocarbon resources" (State Contract number PS-03-65 / 1447)
2003 MNR, SG Neruchev.

Created the Russian version of quantitative modeling of processes of generation, migration and accumulation of oil and gas, which gives the ability to produce oil and gas content forecast with the assessment of localized oil and gas resources in emerging fields. New technology forecasting and quantification of oil and gas is based on the study of geological and geochemical information is not on the same, and to directly study the geological objects. For the first time the technique of quantitative modeling and mapping processes ascending lateral migration of hydrocarbons and the formation of deposits in the course of geological time, which has no analogues either in Russia or abroad. For the first time, using common quantitative indicators characterized the whole system of hydrocarbon fluids of the crust - liquid and gaseous products generate generated in source rocks and reservoir hydrocarbon systems in the fields wide range of depths, temperatures and pressures. The technique and the proposed formula to quantify the loss of oil and gas in the successive stages of their migration and accumulation in traps, which allows to quantify the resources of oil and gas fields on the difference between the number of emigrated hydrocarbons from source rocks and their losses in the process of migration and accumulation. Successfully tested in the evaluation of oil resources in the south of the Tyumen region in the license areas. Used in the oil and gas industry and in the Ministry of Russia for the evaluation and re-evaluation of the resource potential of oil and gas in the country as a whole, and the basins.

"Analysis of the resource base of natural bitumen and heavy oils Russia, recommendations for their effective development" (State contract number AL 03-06 / 67, dated 23.09.05)
2006 Rosnedra, VK Szymanski.

The results of the work: - Map of distribution of deposits of natural bitumen Russia, scale 1: 1,000,000. - Map of distribution of deposits of heavy oils Russia, scale 1: 1,000,000. - Analysis of raw materials of natural bitumen and heavy oils Russia, the classification of resources and reserves of natural bitumen in terms of quality, determines the physical properties, chemical composition, formation conditions, the presence of associated components and other characteristics. - Review of major domestic and foreign technologies of extraction and processing of heavy oil and natural bitumen. - Recommendations on the choice of technology, providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly development of these types of raw materials, taking into account national and international experience. - Guidelines for selecting priority objects for exploration for natural bitumen and heavy oil. - Information arrays of heavy oil and natural bitumen Russia.

"To develop a program of study and exploration of natural accumulations of heavy oils and gazogelievyh resources of Russia" (state contract number AB 11 03/32 from 23.04.2007)
2008 Ministry of Russia, VK Szymanski, JE Petrova.

A comparative analysis of the resource base of heavy oils and helium raw materials in Russia and abroad. The choice of sites for priority growth of industrial stocks of high-quality raw materials and helium heavy oil with associated components (vanadium, nickel, etc.), Taking into account the possible directions of transport of helium and economical possibilities of creating underground geliegazohranilisch (technical helium or nitrogen-helium concentrate) to ensure stability its production. A list of heavy oil for testing and improving the methodological and technological methods of development of this type of material. Proposed transfer of certain deposits with vysokogelienosnymi gases in the Federal Reserve Fund for their conservation in the wild subsoil and deferred term of development. Recommendations on the rational and efficient development of heavy oil and high-quality raw materials gazogelievogo taking into account possible technological schemes of development, integrated use of free useful components, geographical and climatic features of territorial distribution, environmental and social impacts of development. Developed a draft program of study and exploration of natural accumulations of heavy oils and gazogelievyh resources of Russia, including assessment of the volume of exploration and survey and assessment work, at the expense of which, in the course of exploration for oil and gas reserves growth is possible passing of heavy oils and helium; complex thematic, methodological development and research work, the implementation of which is necessary for production growth TN and loss prevention of valuable components in the development and processing of heavy oils, as well as the loss of helium in the gas production. Established scientific and methodological basis for the introduction of innovative, high-tech integrated development of heavy oil, replacement of reserves of heavy oil, geological and economic evaluation of an effective integrated development of their stocks; and - growth of domestic consumption of helium, which should and can be achieved its existing high-quality raw materials base, but also the possibility of Russia's withdrawal from the trademark helium on the world market, given the uniqueness of the quality and extent of proven reserves and projected resources of helium.

"Scenario forecasts of production volumes of light fractions of hydrocarbons in the Timan-Pechora province, their composition and production profile for the period 2010-2030 gg" (State contract number 4k / 08)
2008 IPGG SB RAS, resp. App. Szymanski VK

Submitted by: - Probabilistic scenario forecasts of possible output in the 2010-2030 light hydrocarbon fractions differentiated by source and region TPNGP probabilistic scenario forecasts of possible output in the 2010-2030 light hydrocarbon fractions largest companies TPNGP subsoil. - Probabilistic scenario forecasts of possible output in the 2010-2030 light hydrocarbon fractions on undistributed as at 01.01.08 Fund subsurface regions considered TPNGP.

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