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"Assessment of the status and prospects of development and exploration of oil and gas resource base for the period up to 2020 on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation" (State Contract SG-03-06 / 1371 from 19.08.03)
2004, MNR, YN Grigorenko.

The analysis of the state of relations and the basic elements of oil and gas resource base of the Russian seas. The main directions of research and exploration, aimed at the development and the development of offshore oil and gas resource base. The technique of separate forecast offshore facilities oil and gazopoiskov at regional, zonal and local levels of evaluation. Made separate forecast of liquid and gaseous HC at the regional and zonal levels for seas of Russia to justify the possibility of a significant increase (9 580 million. T Geol.) Of the liquid component in the structure of the initial total hydrocarbon resources. - Made up a single program of geological study of domestic waters up to 2020 - First identified as a promising object and resource estimated area of the coastal shallows domestic shelves with bottom depth of 0-20 m, which contains about 35 billion tonnes of oil equivalent and where justified by three attractive investment area for further exploration for oil and gas: the Caspian Sea, Pechora and Kara shelf of the South; - A program of formation of the first six littoral centers federal oil and gas, as well as the refinement of the program of regional study and licensing of domestic shelves for the period up to 2020

"Evaluation of the petroleum potential of the shallow water of the Arctic seas of Russia, highlighting the main areas, zones and local oil and gas facilities and study program for further exploration for oil and gas" (State contract number 01/09 / 70-72 from 21.04.200)
2006 Rosnedra, YN Grigorenko.

- The evaluation of the state of knowledge of shallow water areas of the Arctic seas of Russia and the state of oil and gas within them. - A comparative analysis of the geological conditions and the petroleum potential of the regional elements of the Arctic transit shallow water. - The detailed quantitative evaluation of oil and gas transit shallow water of the Arctic seas of Russia. - Select the most promising areas, zones of petroleum and local objects within the unallocated fund Arctic shallow waters of Russia. - Assess the possibility of existing and future methods and technologies of development of hydrocarbon deposits in the shallow waters of the Arctic conditions. - Completed geological and economic evaluation of the development of the most promising fields of unallocated fund shallow waters of the Arctic seas of Russia. - The proposal for a program of further work for oil and gas in the shallow waters of the Arctic seas of Russia. The results of the work are the basis for making informed decisions on the continuation of planned exploration in shallow waters within the Arctic, priorities, consistency and focus of such research, the possible sources of their funding.

"Develop instructional techniques to improve the technology for constructing models of reservoirs for hydrocarbons on the basis of complex interpretation of seismic data and drilling (for example, the northern and eastern waters of Russia") (State contract number PS-03-43 / 2 02-05-2007)
2008 Rosnedra, EA Margulis.

A comparative analysis and typing of productive reservoirs in the Barents, Okhotsk and Bering Seas. Research aimed at solving urgent problems on neftegazopoiskov waters - the forecast distribution and structure of the tanks, which are connected with the main risk prospecting offshore. Solutions of this problem provides a detailed lithofacies, petrographic, petrophysical and Sequence-stratigraphic studies. This work is carried out on the waters of Russia for the first time. She demanded to clarify the classification of vessels permeable complexes and confining beds.

"To carry out the final stage of the geological interpretation of geophysical data along the lines of the main geological and geophysical profile 2-DV-M" Magadan-Southern Kuril Islands "(Contract with Sevmorgeo)
2008 LS Margulis.

For the first time along a single profile, meridian crossing the Sea of Okhotsk and all the Kuril arc, based on CMP traced dynamically pronounced surface acoustic basement, its main outlines the basic types and their association with different structures. Studies in the band profile substantially clarified understanding of the structure of the deep-water (over 500 m) of the sea and the Kurile arc, confirmed the assumption about the nature of the accretion build-up of the continental crust in the region for the first time made it possible to trace the character of a general rejuvenation of the foundation towards the ocean and the structural and evolutionary relationships most of Okhotsk segment of the transition zone with tectonic elements of Kamchatka.

"Develop a draft program for the search of the largest offshore hydrocarbon fields in order to ensure the implementation of the state policy of development of oil and gas potential of the Russian shelf and proposals for the development of offshore oil and gas infrastructure sub-sector of the Russian Federation" (Contract with Soyuzmorgeo)
2008 JN Grigorenko.

The most promising underexplored drafted exploration programs in search of 18 major offshore fields, including detailed 2D and 3D seismic surveys and exploratory drilling and parametric. As a result of the development of the identified and expected large offshore fields in 2020, oil production can be increased to 50 million tons and natural gas - up to 150 billion m3. These production levels are argued corresponding dynamics of growth stocks, but recycling of raw materials require the creation of new development and existing infrastructure offshore oil and gas sub-sector. Offers made are in line with the unified state strategy for the development of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation, as well as the conceptual foundation of the academician AE Kontorovich (2008) on the Development Strategy of the Russian oil complex.

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