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"To develop techniques forecast non-structural traps of hydrocarbons - the main reserve of hydrocarbon resource base" (State contract from AT 15.04.05 № 03-13 / 62)
2005 VV Szymanski

Established criteria for prediction of sedimentation traps nonanticlinal needed in the implementation of long-term government program in the field of reproduction of mineral resources base of Russia. In terms of economic and social policy particularly important to forecast the possibility of such objects in the long-developed areas with significantly depleted fields, but with a developed infrastructure and abundant labor resources. These regions now include not only the Volga-Urals and Timan-Pechora province, but also a number of regions of Western Siberia. Revealed regularities of formation and distribution of non-structural traps will determine their strategy and search without significant additional financial and organizational costs will contribute to solving the most important state and national economic objectives - raising the level of production of hydrocarbons. Of course, you must take into account the share of non-structural oil and gas facilities in determining the order setting hydrocarbon reserves on the state balance, tendering and execution of licenses to use subsoil.

"To develop the scientific and methodological basis to identify and implement a forecast of major oil and gas fields in Russia" (State contract on 15.04.05. №AT-03-13 / 64)
2005 JN Grigorenko

To perform the job on the project and determine the characteristics of the formation and placement of large, giant and unique oil and gas fields were systematized data on all known in Russia and abroad accumulations of these categories. Were analyzed their most important parameters - initial recoverable reserves, the phase composition of hydrocarbons, oil and gas bearing intervals Industry, depth and age of the productive horizons. The regularities of the location of the largest deposits in 30 foreign and 6 NSA domestic oil and gas provinces; the results of the regional study and the literature data were evaluated in terms of their education onshore and offshore oil and gas basins. Were developed fundamental model of the formation of the largest single-phase deposits in the earth's crust, and according to numerous interpretations of seismic and geophysical fields of oil and gas basins identified indicators of their genesis and characteristics of detection.

"Reassessment of hydrocarbon reserves on deposits of unallocated subsoil fund in accordance with the new classification of reserves and resources of oil and combustible gases" (State contract number AL-01-06 / 43 dated 29.12.2004)
2007 Rosnedra, OS Krasnov.

developed by:
The provisions of guidelines revaluation reserves fields of the unallocated subsoil fund in accordance with the new "Classification of reserves and resources of oil and combustible gases." Background information and regulatory framework for the settlement of the revaluation reserves 140 oil and gas fields of unallocated subsoil fund of Russia, to reassess the categories of oil and gas fields were selected 105, meet the requirements of guidelines. Carried out economic evaluation of hydrocarbon reserves deposits of unallocated subsoil fund, calculated the necessary investments in the exploration and development of these fields and quantitative criteria highlight groups of stocks on the economic efficiency of oil and gas reserves in all fields and deposits allocated industrially significant. Total commercial significance attributed to 74 deposit to nonindustrial - 31. For mineable deposits, taking into account the geological examination and industrial exploration identified recoverable oil and gas reserves and areas of counting them in categories B, C1 and C2. On the fields of the group reassessed categories of oil and gas in accordance with the new classification. The method of determination of rent payments for the development of oil and gas reserves based on geological and geographical and economic conditions of mining and recommendations on possible differentiation in tax rates on oil production depending on the stocks of deposits and their productivity.

"Develop lithogenetic criteria and assess oil and gas potential Ordovician-Devonian productive deposits of the Timan-Pechora province" (State contract number K- from 09.11.2007)
2008 Sevzapnedra, NS Oknov.

The maps of non-structural hydrocarbon traps in the territory of the CCI for Ordovician-Devonian (primarily of calcium carbonate) and of Middle-nizhnefranskogo (mainly terrigenous) complexes, set their confinement to certain lithofacies zones, and the most promising areas of the search for new hydrocarbon traps non-structural type. Much of these areas covers land unallocated subsoil fund, which is proposed as priority sites for exploration. Maps of the zones of oil accumulation with the recommendations to them nonanticlinal (non-structural) traps and trap themselves for two oil and gas complexes. Models of buildings ZNGN. For each of the two NGK provides a description of the structure of promising areas allocated to the unallocated subsoil fund. The report's authors recommend carrying out search operations within the limits of the extended ZNGN: East Khoreyverskaya and Synatyskoy in Ordovician-Lower Devonian carbonate complex and Lyzhsko-Lemyuskoy and West Inzyrei in Middle Devonian terrigenous-nizhnefranskom oil and gas complex.

"Comprehensive analysis of geological and geophysical data on the Riphean, Vendian and Cambrian oil & gas deposits in order to support assessment of the prospects of development of hydrocarbon resource base Nepa Botuobiya syncline" (Contract with SNIIGGiMS)
2008 IA Kushmar.

Re-evaluation of 2-fields in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the framework of object revaluation; In the process, defined characteristics and distribution pattern of carbonate and clastic reservoir south of the Siberian platform. For the first time prepared materials for seismic and geological reservoir modeling Vendian -nizhnekembriyskih carbonate deposits. Constructed updated lithofacies, paleogeographic and others. Card that allowed delineation of the spread of improved reservoir, built petrophysical and geoacoustic model of carbonate and clastic sediments of the Vendian-Lower Cambrian, set correlation between the attributes and parameters of the wave field geoacoustic model.

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