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Methodological bases of lithologic and stratigraphic subdivision of productive strata oil and gas provinces of Russia" (state contract number SS 02-03 / 402)
2004 AI Kirichkova, TV Dmitrieva.

Submitted by: - New refined stratigraphic schemes of oil and gas deposits of the Volga-Ural, Caspian, Timan-Pechora, West Siberian and Okhotsk and the Lena-Tunguska petroleum province. - New biostratigraphic scale. Lithologic and stratigraphic division reference sections as the basis of correlation of productive strata Russian oil and gas provinces to improve the effectiveness of development of oil and gas fields. Methodological bases lithologic-stratigraphic subdivision of productive strata oil and gas provinces of Russia. Atlas of typical groups of fauna and flora. Developed methodological foundations litho-stratigraphic subdivision of productive strata of Russian oil and gas provinces differ in depth study of bulk raw material have scientific novelty of the results and is a major contribution to the practice of oil exploration. Developed through the work carried out on the subject of stratigraphic schemes and discussed at the regional scale inter-agency meetings in 2002 (St. Petersburg) and in 2003 (Novosibirsk) and approved by the Plenum of MSCs in April 2004

Develop a standard litho-facies and biostratigraphic schemes of major oil and gas basins and adjacent waters" (State contract number AT-03-28 / 815 from 17.12.2004)
2006, Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, VV Szymanski, AI Kirichkova.

First developed as a result of research on the model of litho-facies and biostratigraphic standards (basic) for productive complexes Mezenskaya NGPO, Timan-Pechora, Volga-Ural and Caspian oil and gas provinces are the main tool to improve the efficiency oil and gas exploration within sedimentary basins and adjacent waters. Typical litho-facies and biostratigraphic standards created by the reference sections for the different structural-facies and structure-formation zones of oil and gas provinces to serve as a "dimensional" line not only within a particular PNC, but when you exit a poorly studied area and the adjacent shelf. Particularly important role they play for the dismemberment of the homogeneous strata lithology new reclaimed areas and comparison of different facies sediments of the same age, when the use of lithostratigraphic methods is impossible and only biostratigraphy allows you to perform tasks. In addition, a litho-facies and biostratigraphic standards are the basis for the subsequent development of refined biostratigraphic, lithofacies, regional stratigraphic schemes, schemes interbasin correlations formational and sedimentation patterns.

Create modern paleontological and stratigraphic ensuring regional and forecast-oil and gas research in the oil and gas provinces of Russia" (state contract number PS-03-43 / 63 from 23.10.2006)
2007 Rosnedra, TV Dmitrieva.

Designed for priority regions for exploration of mineral resources exploration and reproduction of the mineral resource base of hydrocarbons biohronologicheskie scale integrated biostratigraphic and lithofacies scheme, refined regional schemes and schemes interbasin correlation and prospective oil and gas complexes of the Timan-Pechora, Volga-Ural, Caspian, Okhotsk and the North PNC -Vostoka Russia provides the foundation for integrated modeling of geological processes and their products - mineral deposits, in the application of geophysical data substantiate the identification of new productive horizons and new of petroleum facilities, which will increase the efficiency of exploration and will build hydrocarbon resources. Practical value obtained NTPr is its use in the Rosnedra to develop an operational and strategic decision-making in the development and implementation of federal and regional programs of geological study and reproduction of hydrocarbon resource base, as well as for the preparation of new facilities in the North Caucasus (including the Black and Sea of Azov), Caspian and West Siberian PNC licensing. Presented NTPr developed a new original factual material authors. The complexity of the research significantly increases the accuracy and reliability of the findings developed stratigraphic schemes.

Justification stratigraphic scales mezokaynozoya promising areas of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation on the basis of the analysis and systematization of data on the reference sections on land and sea" (State contract number 02/09 / 70-312 from 08.05.2007)
2008 Rosnedra, TV Dmitrieva.

Presents an analytical summary of the stratigraphy of the Meso-Cenozoic perspective areas of the continental shelf of the Barents, Kara, Laptev Sea, Sea of Okhotsk and the Caspian, held the first attempt to unify ideas on the stratigraphy of sediments mainland and waters developed composite section of Mesozoic-Cenozoic sediments and waters for the first time, a uniform stratigraphic scheme the structure of Russia's continental shelf. It is emphasized that the basis of both local and regional stratigraphic schemes must be constantly improving comprehensive biostratigraphic scale correlated to the extent possible with international standard. The report presents such scale based on the data and comparative analysis of support by regions cuts. Collected and analyzed by the huge volume of palaeontological and geological information on regional reference and type sections Meso-Cenozoic in coastal areas and on the results of offshore drilling in the Barents and Kara seas, the Laptev Sea, Okhotsk Sea and Caspian Sea. However, the factual basis requires further processing and up to date with modern ideas and achievements on biostratigraphy and paleontology.

Development refined stratigraphic schemes the Upper Proterozoic sediments of the Siberian Platform (Baikit anticline, Katanga saddle) based on deep drilling and reference sections using biostratigraphic and paleomagnetic methods" (Contract with SNIIGGiMS)
2008 TV Dmitrieva.

Based on well-studied and fully characterized paleontological key wells and natural cuts, as in the interior of East Siberia and the suburbs, made an attempt to unify ideas on stratigraphy and sediment inner marginal part of the platform. As a result of this work shows the correlation diagram for biostratigraphy of Upper East Siberian deposits including three regional stratigraphic section Riphean deposits (Baikit, Katanga and Turukhansky areas) and section 4 Vendian (Nepa Botuobiya, Patom, Anabarsky, Syugdzhersky areas). Compilation and analysis of data on the main localities biota seven studied areas revealed levels, characterized associations microfossils. By the presence of the most common, stratigraphically significant taxa at these levels have been allocated five Riphean and Vendian three complex. The results of paleomagnetic studies established scale magnetic Riphean-Vendian zoning Turuhanskogo lift on which there are three zones and four straight polarity - reverse. The results of studies is recommended to use as a reference tool for geologists and stratigraphy carrying forward and oil and gas exploration in promising areas of eastern Siberia.

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