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Beletskaya S.N.
St. Petersburg: VNIGRI, 2012. - (Trudy VNIGRI). - 1-CD-R
State Registration 0321203317 from 6th November, 2012

Language: Russian.

The monograph of S.N. Beletskaya "Primary oil migration" was published in 1990 (Moscow: Nedra, 1990). It was the result of many years of work in the area of primary oil migration, the generalization of the results of numerous experiments, headed by the author, which were the direct proof of oil primary migration from the source rocks to the reservoir rocks. The possibility and reality of oil primary migration processes is one of the main pieces of evidence of organic, sedimentary-migratory oil origin. The question of oil origin is not only one of the leading issues of natural science, but also strategic and even geopolitical problem of energy supply of mankind. Recently, many publications have been written on inorganic oil genesis, although no "new" evidence has appeared. The monograph of S.N. Beletskaya, dedicated to such an important issue of oil genesis, should be republished.
We can often hear from the young specialists that they only read publication of the last 10 years. In view of the foregoing, it should be emphasized that the monograph of S.N. Beletskaya has not lost its relevance nowadays, especially for the young researchers.

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