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PALEOMAGNETISM sedimentary basins of Northern Eurasia

550,384 UDC: 552.5 (4 / .5-17)
ISBN 978-5-88953-114-2

PALEOMAGNETISM sedimentary basins of Northern Eurasia
Collection of articles
VNIGRI 2007, 200c.

The volume contains articles that are some new results obtained paleomagnetology VNIGRI and their colleagues from other organizations during joint research. Also presents the results of which were conducted at different times, since 1991, for various reasons (mostly financial) have been suspended, completed only now and have never been published. These articles are combined research topics of the formation and development of sedimentary basins of northern Eurasia paleomagnetology methods. Reviewed data, updating a quantitative basis and paleogeographic reconstructions paleogeodynamic new results of the study magnetostratigraphy Neogene, Triassic, Permian and Ordovician of the East European and Siberian platforms, kinematics of collision processes in their setting. Describe new methodological developments and possible non-traditional areas of application and petromagnetic paleomagnetic methods in petroleum geology.
Collection is aimed at geologists and geophysicists involved in the application of paleomagnetic methods and the use of paleomagnetic data for the study of the history of the formation of sedimentary basins, as well as specialists paleomagnetology.

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