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OIL AND GAS LOW PERMEABILITY shale strata - RESERVE hydrocarbon resource base RUSSIA

UDC 553.983.04 (470 + 571)

ISBN 978-5-88953-157-9

OIL AND GAS LOW PERMEABILITY shale strata - RESERVE hydrocarbon resource base RUSSIAN

OM. Prischepa, O. Averianova, AA Ilyinsky, D. Morariu; Ed. OM Prishchepa.

SPb .: FSUE "VNIGRI", 2014. - 323 p .: ill. - (Proceedings VNIGRI).

Reviewer: EM Halimov, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, Professor, Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia

Considered the world experience study and development of hydrocarbons enclosing shale formations. The possibilities of the use of complex investigations (lithological, geochemical and geophysical) in the study and domanikitov domanikoidov in Russia. Showing prerequisites involving in economic circulation of unconventional oil and gas accumulations, which in the long term can be a complement to the resource base of oil and gas. Attention is paid to the conceptual framework and terminology as applied to hydrocarbon accumulation in low-permeability shale reservoirs. Summarizes the most significant development for the Russian regions rich in organic matter shale (domanikoidnyh) thick.

The book is intended for specialists and a wide range of readers interested in the problems of development of hydrocarbon resource base in low-permeability shale strata.

In writing the individual chapters and sections participated: TK Bazhenov, AM Zharkov, AM Zafarova, IR Makarova, E. Mamaev, DM Metkin, AA Otmas (senior), AA Sukhanov, SS Chelishev, VP Yakutseni.

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