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Methodological guidance APPLICATION geochemical parameters in sedimentation

UDC 001.8: 552.578.061.4

ISBN 987-5-88953-155-5

geological and economic evaluation as a basis of reproduction strategies STOCKS AND DEVELOPMENT OF OIL AND GAS IN RUSSIA

Ivanovo, A..

SPb .: FSUE "VNIGRI", 2014. - 86 p. - (Proceedings VNIGRI) Reviewer: Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences VN Podkovyrov Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology RAS

The lithological and geochemical study of sedimentary strata Riphean-Vendian south-east of the Siberian platform, lying on the crystalline basement, makes it possible to carry out a phased reconstruction of the history and processes of their formation. Using the chemical composition of rocks leads to the calculation of selected petrochemical mineral assemblages of rocks, to calculate the ranks of migration of elements and brings balance, removal of elements in the formation of the weathering crust crystalline basement rocks and overlying sedimentary strata, get quantitative degree of differentiation of matter, as well as lithological and geochemical parameters of species types rocks composed of horizons of different genesis.

For oil and gas deposits - reservoir Venda Nepa-Botha-obinskoy anteclise possible phased-payment brings the removal of elements in the ancient BHK and reconstruction of the ontogeny of deposits that can be used at the forecast with a complex type.

Methodological Guide ...", given the geochemical parameters, allows purposefully decide lithofacies tasks as reservoir rocks and clay deposits confining beds: set the intensity weathering and degree of differentiation of matter, paleoclimate, paleosolenost conditions of formation of sedimentary strata allocated, given the degree of salinization of reservoir rocks and confining beds. The data obtained can be used to paleogeogra-cific constructions. "Methodological Guide ..." is designed for students of geological specialties, lithology, geochemists, dealing systematically studying the processes of formation of sedimentary strata, including oil and gas.

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