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Magazine 'Petroleum Geology. Theory and Practice '
"Petroleum geology. Theory and Practice "- a Russian scientific publication (the area of distribution - Russia, foreign countries), is distributed as an electronic online magazine (network address: http : //www.ngtp.ru ).

Founder and publisher of the magazine - All Russia Petroleum Research Exploration Institute (VNIGRI). Decision of the Presidium of the Russian Ministry of WAC 19.02.2010 entered the list of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, which should be published basic scientific results of theses for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.

Registered as mass media 05.04.2007 under the number E FS77-27685 .

Articles are sent quarterly to the Federal Depository electronic editions for deposition. In the SEC "Informregistr" magazine received the status of science for 2008 under number 420 900 064, for 2009 - № 420 900 064, 2010 421 000 064 g.- number.

Magazine "Petroleum Geology. Theory and Practice "is an electronic scientific periodicals. The annual output includes four quarterly numbers, combined into a single volume.

Subject to publication in the journal articles previously published in other publications. The editors will accept for publication articles on topical issues of Petroleum Geology in accordance with the existing headings and format. The article offered for publication in the journal, accompanied by recommendations of the Organization, which has been implemented. Articles are selected and stringent internal and external review. Editorial Board reserves the right to seek the advice of reputable scientists collaborating with the magazine, if sent by article review doubt. Possible publication of review articles, chronicles, information messages. Such papers recommendation is not required.

Publication of articles and free access to them - free. Articles posted on the website as they become available. Affiliation and scope of copyright published in the Journal of the material is determined by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Contributors and reviewers are fully responsible for the content of articles.

On the paper version of the annual issue of the magazine can be found in the scientific and technical library VNIGRI.