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In order to promote cooperation, providing scientific and technical support and to acquire new knowledge of FSUE "VNIGRI" invites Oil and Gas Professionals...
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Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Federal Subsoil Use Agency

Federal State Unitary Enterprise
"Russia Petroleum Research Exploration Institute

191014, St. Petersburg, Foundry, etc.. 39
Tel. (812) 400-0838 Fax (812) 400-0903 E-mail: ins@vnigri.ru
Dear Sirs!
In order to promote cooperation and the system of scientific and technical support for exploration work performed by your companies, I ask you to consider our proposals, to learn the basic techniques of FSUE "VNIGRI" and the experience of their application.
FSUE "VNIGRI", being one of the leading oil institutes in the country, offers "RN-Severnaya Neft:
  1. Research the following areas:
    • - monitor the examination and identification of oil and gas facilities;
    • - assessment of the resources of raw materials at the regional, zonal and local levels;
    • - planning, design, evaluation of exploration for oil and gas;
    • - the study of core and cuttings, processing and interpretation of research data;
    • - geological modeling and a swimming pool;
    • - counting and re-evaluation of hydrocarbon reserves in the categories of deposits;
    • - design, operational support drilling exploratory / exploration wells on the basis of a comprehensive interpretation of data GIS GTI;
    • - nefteekologicheskie research.
  2. Consulting Services on the preparation of documentation for licensing plots, independent resource assessment and other activities of the Institute.
  3. Information services for the preparation, publication of information and reference albums and catalogs geological information.
  4. Professional Development staff (postgraduate studies, conferences, seminars).
Implementation of FSUE "VNIGRI" by experienced highly qualified specialists using modern software and hardware, as well as using advanced methods and technologies of work performance, tested under a large number of projects on the orders of domestic and foreign oil and gas companies .
To learn more about our offers and the decision on cooperation ready to make a presentation at a convenient time for you.
Contact: Karnaukhov Aleksandr., head of commercial information projects, tel. +7 (812) 655 63 78, amk@vnigri.ru.
The Director-General OM. Prischepa
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