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Rewarding young scientists VNIGRI

By decision of the Academic Council VNIGRI CEO of OM Prischepa awarded the annual awards for young scientists VNIGRI original and new scientific works, inventions, which are of great importance for science and practice. Prizes and certificates are awarded for the best individual scientific works and inventions, as well as a series of scientific papers on a single topic. The competition is open publications (articles, monographs, chapters monographs), dissertations, reports (subject to the publication of their theses), inventors' certificates, certificates of inventions and discoveries. The award named after Prof. Kazimir Petrovich Kalitsky. Vasily V. Ananiev awarded for work & laquo; Integration of direct search method in the evaluation of efficiency of local facilities & raquo ;, followed by a cycle of 16 publications on this topic. The award named after Professor Nicholas Alexandrovich Kudryavtsev. Gubin Ekaterina awarded for studies on the reservoir properties of carbonate deposits Nepa Botuobiya syncline of the Siberian platform. The award named after Professor Vladimir A. Assumption. Theological Sergey awarded for a series of articles devoted to the dissemination and quality characteristics of heavy oils of the Russian Federation and the problems of their development. The award named after Professor Norbert Teodorović Lindtrop. Medvedev awarded (Kallistos) Ludmila for his work "Economic evaluation of the hydrocarbon resource base seas of Russia", aimed at addressing a number of scientific, methodological and practical problems of geological and economic evaluation of hydrocarbon resource base of maritime periphery of Russia. The award named after Professor Nina Nikolaevna Subbotina. Awarded Arkadieva Olga for a series of works devoted to microfossils of Upper-Lower Paleozoic deposits of the Siberian Platform. The whole of Olga Vladimirovna scientific data is based on hundreds of personally cooked preparations of rock samples taken, including in field expeditions.

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