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14-17 2014 . in Syktyvkar took XVI Geological Congress of the Komi Republic GEOLOGY AND MINERAL RESOURCES OF EUROPEAN NORTHEAST RUSSIA . At the congress, organized by the Institute of Geology of Komi Science Centre and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, with the participation of industrial and scientific organizations in the region, under the auspices of the Head of the Komi Republic, it was claimed about 350 delegates from various regions of Russia. Over the 4 days of the Congress on 12 sections heard more than 200 reports. One of the main reports of the Plenary - "The role and significance of scientific prediction in the development of mineral resource base of the Timan-Pechora province" - Author: Yu Lisin1, EL Teplov, N. Nikonov, OM Prischepa (1Minprirody RK, Syktyvkar, 2OOO TP SIC, Ukhta; 3VNIGRI, St. Petersburg). In addition, from the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "VNIGRI" presentations were made: - O.M.Prischepa "Non-traditional sources of hydrocarbons in Russia and problems of their evaluation" (authors OM Prischepa, GA Grigoriev, Al. A. Otmas); - AA Otmas "Fund prepared for drilling facilities and reliability of resource estimates in North-West" (authors: M. Prischepa, AA Otmas, AV Kuranov); - TK Bazhenov "Organic matter Domanik formation D3 Timan-Pechora Basin and its transformation in the top half catagenetic scale (in connection with the problem of" shale oil "" (authors: T. K. Bazhenov, A. Shapiro, in . F. Vasiliev, LI Klimov); - TK Bazhenov "The main features of organic geochemistry of the sedimentary section Vychegda deflection (in connection with the evaluation of its properties neftegazoproizvodyaschih)" (authors: Bazhenov TK, Shapiro AI). - IR Makarov "a complex of modern methods of studying domanikoidnyh strata and assess their hydrocarbon resources" (authors: AA Sukhanov, SS Chelishev, IR Makarov) - AA Sukhanov "Methodological approaches to establish causes of catagenetic domanikitah zoning in order to increase the efficiency of geological exploration" (by AA Sukhanov, IR Makarov SS Chelishev).

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