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For an international conference of young scientists and specialists in St. Petersburg on the basis of FSUE "VNIGRI"

From October 28 to November 1, 2013 in St. Petersburg on the basis of FSUE "VNIGRI" was held III International Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists "Actual problems of petroleum geology of the XXI century", dedicated to the memory of the outstanding scientist in the field of the genesis and geochemistry of oil and gas, Doctor of Geology -mineralogicheskih sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences Sergei Germanovich Neruchev.
By the conference was an exhibition of scientific works SG Neruchev and brochure.
With a series of reports on the scientific heritage, creative ways SG Neruchev and the role of organic geochemistry at the present stage were OM Prischepa, VK Szymanski, EA Rogozin, SV Theological and VI Petrova
The conference was attended by over 70 participants from 31 organizations and 15 cities of Russia and Belarus.
Were presented 58 reports of the conference, 51 of which are included in the conference proceedings.
Following the conference, selected the best 18 reports in the form of articles will be published in a special issue of the electronic scientific journal FSUE "VNIGRI" "Petroleum Geology. Theory and Practice »(www.ngtp.ru).


EV Vorobiev, VJ sparrows
Informative model of the zonal and local forecasting oil and gas potential of Paleozoic sediments Ryazan-Saratov trough

SI Grimus
Features of formation of the spatial structure of seepage when oil is displaced from saline carbonate reservoir (for example intersalt deposits
Ostashkovichi oil fields)

OV Richter
The history of the formation and characteristics of the geological structure verhnefranskih-nizhnefamenskih deposits (kolganskaya thickness) in the south of the Orenburg region

TV Khozyainova, MP Zavarina
Comprehensive analysis of the trends in the development of information infrastructure
exploration Company

EV Koznova
The use of horizontal wells for the construction of three-dimensional geological model to improve the efficiency of drilling and development of VC field

IM Galyautdinov1, AE Cherepovitsyn2, OS Krasnov3
Evaluation and optimization of costs of geological and technical measures
in the oil fields

OO Dushenko
Features of economic regulation in the development of stranded oil

YL Elfimova
Formation of the approach to the economic regulation of the transfer of subsoil use

NN Zakharchenko, OO Dushenko, VI Podlesnova
Formation of proposals to stimulate at the federal level to increase investment oil and gas companies, allocated for technological modernization of production

AV Orenburkin, NY Kohtasheva
Software complex "Monitoring the development of the license areas Khanty-Ugra"

RS Sautkin1, KI Bagrintseva2
Types and properties of Riphean reservoir within Yurubcheno- Tokhomskoye field

RR Singatullin, KM Musin, VM Husainov
An integrated approach to the study of fractured carbonate reservoirs

AA Suslov
The Jurassic sediments of the Barents Sea shelf and the prospects for their gas content

IP Morgunov, IV Litvinenko, VA Shcherbakov
Anomalies in the distribution of organic matter of bottom sediments Peter the Great Bay (Sea of Japan), as an indicator of water pollution

OV Kostenko
The role of high-molecular components bitumen during its redistribution (emigration) within the sediments of the Bazhenov Formation (West Siberian NSA)

EI Screens, SA Theological, NA Rogozin
Basin and structural modeling poorly studied areas in the north-east
Timan-Pechora province

NL Tsvetkov, LD flowers
Shale oil Russia

YES I AM. Miroshnichenko
Reservoir properties of productive horizon Chokrakskoe Chumakovskaya tier oilfield West Kuban trough

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