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VNIGRI - 85! Anniversary events

23-24 October 2014 in the framework of the celebration VNIGRI scientific-practical conference "Problems of reproduction oil and gas reserves in the current conditions." The conference was attended by representatives of major companies and subsoil leading scientific organizations oil and gas industry. The participants reviewed and discussed the latest achievements of theory and practice in the field of reproduction oil and gas reserves. The reports sounded congratulations on the anniversary VNIGRI.

October 23rd plenary session of the conference was opened by Director General of FSUE "VNIGRI" Doctor Sc Oleg Prischepa . In his welcoming remarks, OM Prischepa expressed his appreciation and gratitude to friends and colleagues about the participation in the anniversary events, has congratulated the staff of FSUE "VNIGRI" on his birthday and wished the participants of the conference fruitful work. In its report OM Prischepa gave an overview of the results of the research activities of the Institute over the past 5 years.

Welcomed the participants of the conference and the report "The contribution of outstanding scientists VNIGRI in the development of organic geochemistry and naphthidogenesis theory in the twentieth century" made scientific director of the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics. AA Trofimuk, RAS Alexey E. Kontorovich . In report , based on personal recollections of Academician AE Kontorovich about his meetings with scientists VNIGRI, valued contribution to the development of the theory naphthidogenesis.

At the plenary session sounded seven reports covering the most common and important questions on the conference topics. Overview of the main components of forecasting and exploratory research on the waters of the Russian Federation made the Deputy Director General of FSUE "VNIGRI" Doctor Sc Yuri Grigorenko (FSUE "VNIGRI"). On the problems of sustainable production and strengthening the resource base of oil and gas in Russia in the first half of the twenty-first century academician told AE. Kontorovich . On the formation and development of stratigraphic studies in VNIGRI and in the oil industry stopped Chief Scientist, Doctor of sciences Anna Ivanovna Kirichkova in collaboration with TV Dmitrieva.

Deputy Director General of FSUE "SNIIGGiMS" Doctor Sc Valery Stepanovich Starosel'tsev to reveal the contents of the initial stages of formation of the Siberian Platform cover. At the end of the planar portion of the Deputy Director General of FSUE "VNIGRI", Ph.D. Alexander A. Ilyinsky in a joint report with IV Chernook suggested new directions and forms of organization for research on non-traditional sources of hydrocarbons.

In the second half of the Solemn Session of the Scientific Council of FSUE "VNIGRI." On this occasion, at the meeting voiced numerous congratulations and awarding employees of the Institute memorable characters and diplomas.

October 24 conference continued work relevant and interesting presentations of participants in the two sections.

Subjects made a report touches on many issues of oil and gas industry: the hydrocarbon potential of Russia and problems of its development; Petroleum Geology of land and water areas of the North-West and East of Russia, as well as the Russian Arctic shelf; lithology, stratigraphy and geochemistry of oil and gas development; methodological development, modeling and innovative solutions.

Presentations were made by Yuri Podolsky in collaboration with OM Prischepa (FSUE "VNIGRI"), Vyacheslav Stefanovic Sitnikov ( INNiG SB RAS ) in collaboration with IA Kushmar, Andrey Chernykh in collaboration with VD Kaminsky ( FSUE "VNIIOkeangeologia ), Valery Semenov in collaboration with LS Margulis, TV Homeland (FSUE "VNIGRI"), Tatiana K. Bazhenov in collaboration with AI Shapiro, VF Vasilyeva et al. (FSUE "VNIGRI"), Oleg I. Bostrikov in collaboration with AI Larichev ( Federal State Unitary Enterprise "only ) and K.G.Skachek, AA Kachkin ( "Lukoil-Western Siberia ), Inna A. Ivanov in collaboration with PN Sobolev and SV Respiration ( FSUE "SNIIGGiMS ), Alexander V. Pogodaev in collaboration with IV Budyylo ( JSC "Yakutskgeofizika ) and VS Sitnokovym (Institute of Oil and Gas Problems SB RAS), Irina Kushmar in collaboration with VI Mitasova (FSUE "VNIGRI"), Anna Nikolaevna Kokhanova in collaboration with NS Oknov (FSUE "VNIGRI"), Gennady Ivanov in collaboration with GS Kazanin, SI Pavlov et al. ( JSC "MAGE ), Alexander Avgustovich Otmas in collaboration with OM Prischepa, VN Makarevich et al. (FSUE "VNIGRI"), EL Thermal and others. ( LLC "TP SIC ), Tatyana Alexandrova Vitalievna in collaboration with AM Shibanov ( JSC "KamNIIKIGS ) and AM Zharkov (FSUE "VNIGRI"), Nina Eremenko in collaboration with T.V.Dmitrievoy et al. (FSUE "VNIGRI"), Gennady A. Grigoriev (FSUE "VNIGRI"), Elena Gretskaya (JSC "Dalmorneftegeofizika"), Eugene I. Rumble in collaboration with SA Theological (FSUE "VNIGRI").

After hearing the report provoked a lively discussion.

FSUE "VNIGRI" thanks all participants for their interesting reports, sincere congratulations and a wonderful festive atmosphere!

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