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VNIGRI - 85! Congratulations and awards ceremony for the Jubilee

In October 2014 the 85th anniversary of the founding of the oldest Russian Petroleum Institute - VNIGRI. On the occasion of the anniversary of the institute congratulated federal agencies, public authorities and many organizations geology. It's a letter of congratulations from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment , which noted a great contribution to the development of VNIGRI new methods of research in petroleum geology , the huge task of reproducing the hydrocarbon resource base.

Federal Agency for Subsoil Use of Russia has sent a congratulatory ETAT , highlight a checked high state awards scientific and practical significance of the work of the Institute employees. Order Agency on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of VNIGRI awarded the Diploma of the Institute staff Rosnedr: YY Buhalenkova, DV Sparrows, MV Dmitriev, SB Ivanov.

JSC "Rosgeologiya a congratulatory letter noted made during the existence of the Institute huge amount of work in the field of prediction and evaluation of the petroleum potential of land and water areas Russia, geological and economic evaluation of oil and gas facilities, development of a strategy of reproduction resource base TEK Russia.

Letters of congratulations sent as: Acting. Head of the Republic of Komi, the Department of Mineral Resources of the North-West Federal District (Sevzapnedra), the Office of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Komi, FSUE "VNIIgeosystem , FSUE "TSNIIGEOLNERUD" , FSUE "IMGRE , AU Khanty-Ugra "Research and analytical Center for Rational subsoil use them. VI Spielmann , NMSGGT Ministry of Natural Resources and the St. Petersburg Department EAGO , FSUE" Krylov State Scientific Center " and many others.

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