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Costoyalsya commissioning WEB-application

September 27, 2013 was put into operation WEB-applications (Stage 1 development) for regional GIS projects in supervised FSUE « VNIGRI » territories. Application information is a reference tool to quickly view and analyze data generated by specialists of the Institute. Presented two regions – Baltic but within the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad Oblast) and Timan-Pechora OGP (Nenets, Komi Republic).
Access to the WEB-application is provided through a web browser.

The functionality of the app include:

to display image data, performing attribute queries, obtain information on objects, filter objects, object statistics, access to primary forms and documents.

The application has the following content:

  • geographic basis,
  • petroleum-zoning,
  • tectonic zoning,
  • study of seismic and drilling, including the availability of primary data,
  • data on the distribution of funds bowels,
  • data fields,
  • data structures.
Leading experts and heads of institutions got their hands on a tool for rapid assessment of geological, geophysical and drilling of study, the status of subsoil use, which contributes to effective decision making for planning work.

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