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obituary 09.01.2013


The Administration VNIGRI is sad to announce that the December 30, 2012 by 86-year life after a serious illness died outstanding scientist in the field of the genesis and geochemistry of oil and gas, Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, honored geologist of the Russian Federation, honorary oilman, Commander of the Order of the Red Banner and the Order of Merit, winner of the St. Petersburg Government Sergey Germanovich Neruchev
S.G.Neruchev born October 2, 1927 in Rostov-on-Don. In 1952 he graduated from the Geological Department of the Grozny Oil Institute with a degree in " geology, exploration and development of oil and gas fields ". His professional activity began in the trust " ", Sredazneftegazrazvedka then in Stavropol branch Terrible and, starting in 1962 and worked until the last days of the All-Union (All-Russia) Petroleum Research Geological Institute (VNIGRI). Between 1966 — 1968. worked in India, UN expert on the geochemistry of oil under the Oil Research Institute.
Sergey Germanovich Neruchev is one of the founders of the Russian school of geochemists Petroleum in Russia. For the first time in the world to them, a method of quantitative evaluation of oil and gas migration, open the main phase of gas, developed an original method for diagnosis of oil-producing deposits, studied the conditions of oil and gas in the area of large and very large depths.
The main directions of his scientific activity: geology; geochemistry of organic matter of rocks, oil and gas; global carbon geochemistry geochemistry of uranium; the problem of the effect of increased radioactivity on the development of the organic world in the history of the Earth. The studies SG Neruchev created a quantitative theory of the formation of oil and gas and the formation of hydrocarbon deposits, developed methods for evaluation of potential hydrocarbon resources, created the concept of the impact of eras uranonakopleniya and highly radioactive environment on the evolution of the organic world of the Earth.
For the book " Uranus and life in Earth's history " (1990) awarded to them. Acad. Gubkin. In 2009. Prize awarded AP Karpinski in the field of geological and geophysical sciences and mining for the collection of works on the development of the modern theory of oil and gas and the development of a universal model for the formation of hydrocarbon deposits. Thanks to the research of Sergey Germanovich were given later confirmed the forecast of several oil and gas regions of Russia.
SG Neruchev continued to work until his last days. In 2011-2012. he prepared a new edition of the book " Uranus and life in Earth's history ", read and prepared for publication a course for young professionals “ Geochemical basis of the forecast oil and gas content ”.
Bereavement suffered the institute and the entire Russian and world science. The bright memory of the outstanding scientist – geologist, geochemist, a biologist and a wonderful person forever remain in the hearts of his associates, colleagues and students galaxy.

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