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protection report

December 4 meeting NTS Department of Mineral Resources of Northwestern Federal District (Sevzapnedra) passed to protect the final geological report on the results of work on the project: "Identifying new areas of oil and gas in the little-known areas of the Timan-Pechora PNC based on refined geological and geophysical model of its structure, created as a result of seismic survey and interpretation of geological and geophysical data "(State contract on 13.08.2010, the number of K- Client: Department of Mineral Resources of Northwestern Federal District (Sevzapnedra). The main executor of work on the project is FSUE "VNIGRI" implementation: JSC "Naryan-Marseismorazvedka", JSC KC "Rosgeofizika" of the Republic of Kazakhstan "TP SIC" IPNG RAS.
Work carried out on the main results of field seismic and reprocessing and complex generalization of earlier studies.
Established geological and geophysical model of the northern and central parts Izhma-Pechora Basin and the continental Malozemelskaya-Kolguev monoclines. The model represented by a set of geological and geophysical sections and maps. Received original interrelated data provided insight into the regional and zonal levels of oil and gas potential of the work area. They have been used as the basis for allocation of promising oil and gas areas. Compiled kits lithofacies maps and maps of natural reservoirs basic perspective complexes.
Highlighted promising new areas of exploration for oil and gas within the Lower Ordovician and Domanik-Tournasian complexes of the new districts, some of which are the principal (Novoborskoe, Tobyshskoe, South Tobyshskoe, Yangytskoe, Kipievskoe, Kipievsko-Luzsky, Kedvinskoe and South -Izhemskoe). On the basis of the selected areas, with the development of local objects are developed and justified proposals for new plots and licensing.
A program of regional additional exploration, which will confirm and clarify the prospects of target systems and more effectively involved in the licensing of these areas, which will, in turn, a new stage in the preparation of the raw material base of oil and gas within the northern part of the little-known Izhma-Pechora depression, Malozemelskaya-Kolguev monoclines and the offshore continuation.
The quantitative evaluation of hydrocarbon resources:
They are estimated at a total of 1374.6 / 578.2 Mtoe Phase composition is supposed dominance of liquid hydrocarbons as geological and recoverable resources - 1138.5 / 342.1 million tonnes against a background of 236.1 billion. M3 of gas.
The report was adopted and approved with appreciation at the section of strategic, basic and innovative projects of the Scientific Council of FSUE "VNIGRI" November 29, 2012

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