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In order to promote cooperation, providing scientific and technical support and to acquire new knowledge of FSUE "VNIGRI" invites Oil and Gas Professionals...
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The new electronic publication

The electronic edition "Konchits AV, Zaikin NP EN Konchits Justification oil recovery and technological development indicators of oil in the early stages of development (for example, the Nenets Autonomous District) ( 2011 FSUE" VNIGRI , 2011 Konchits AV, Zaikin NP, Konchits EN) was registered in the SEC "Informregistr" and assigned the state registration number 0321103674. get a registration certificate number 24746 of January 10, 2012 .

In the near future the book will go to the kiosk FSUE "VNIGRI" for sale.

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