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In order to promote cooperation, providing scientific and technical support and to acquire new knowledge of FSUE "VNIGRI" invites Oil and Gas Professionals...
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Electronic publication "Prospects of Petroleum Geology: All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists" was registered

Electronic Edition " Prospects for the development of Petroleum Geology: All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists, November 10-13, 2009, St. Petersburg " (© 2009 VNIGRI) was registered in the SEC " Informregistr " and assigned the state registration number 0320902972. get a registration number 18335 svitelstvo on 14.01.2010.
Formation of the National Library and Information Fund legal deposit of electronic publications is an important component of the state policy in the field of preservation of the national cultural heritage. In accordance with Federal Law, the functions of the collection and storage of electronic publications were assigned to the SEC " ". Informregistr As the official Russian manufacturer of electronic publications, VNIGRI presented for registration and long-term storage in the SEC " Informregistr " their products - mandatory free copy of the federal electronic edition. Russian Federation Government Resolution dated December 3, 2002 859 " On the legal deposit publications " approved the list of library and information organizations receiving from the SEC " Informregist " compulsory free copy of the federal electronic publications: that the funds of the Russian State Library, the Russian National Library, State Public Scientific and Technical Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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