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Released e-book ETC. Zonal "textbook for the study of Mesozoic inoceramides."

December 10, 2010 e-book ETC. Zonal & laquo; a textbook for the study of Mesozoic inoceramides & raquo; sent to the state registration of legal deposit in the SEC "Informregistr" pursuant to the Law "On Obligatory Copy of Documents 77-FZ dated 12/29/94, after obtaining the certificate of state registration of a CD-R will go on to implement applications in a bookstall Institute. With the e-book version of the paper can be found in NTB Institute.

In the Toolkit Author ETC. Zonal first described in detail the structure of the ligamentous apparatus inoceramides. Is a great demo material (55 paleontological tables) of its constituent elements. Considered classification, stratigraphic and correlation capabilities ligamentous apparatus. The regularities of the relationship between the structure of ligaments, sculpture and general shell shape. Marked phenomenon heterochrony parallelism inherent in group inoceramides. The ways of further research. Work can be used a wide range of stratigraphy and paleontology.

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