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In order to promote cooperation, providing scientific and technical support and to acquire new knowledge of FSUE "VNIGRI" invites Oil and Gas Professionals...
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General Information
VNIGRI’s specialists carry out orders of Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, Federal Agency for Subsoil Use fulfilling contracts with several oil and gas companies.

Strategic directions:
  • sections of the "Long-term program of mineral resources renewing of Russia" of Russian Ministry of Natural Resources about oil and gas resource base;
  • updating proposals for the "Energy Strategy of Russia until 2030";
  • programs of "Integrated development of hydrocarbon resources of the North-West region of Russia";
  • concept of creation of state reserve concerning the strategic minerals deposits.
The latest activities:
  • methods of identifying and evaluating of non-structural hydrocarbon traps;
  • scientific and methodological basics for the forecast of large oil and gas fields of Russia;
  • re-evaluation of hydrocarbon reserves in accordance with the new reserves and resources classification;
  • geochemical, geological and statistical methods of resource evaluation of hydrocarbon accumulations: oil and gas fields areas;
  • methods of allocation of oil and gas accumulation areas as exploration targets.

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